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ROUND CASES  Plain - Tables | CAD  •  Centerpost  •  Holes  •  Holes/standoffs  •  Open-end features  •  "T"  •  Misc.  ROUND CASES
RECT. CASES  Plain - Tables | CAD  •  Centerpost  •  Holes  •  Holes/standoffs  •  Open-end features  •  "T"  •  Misc.  RECT. CASES
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In-house moldmaking
• Allows a close relationship between moldmaking and production departments
This ensures that preproduction and first article runs are accomplished with minimal (if any) delays

Moldmaking equipment includes:
• CNC milling machines
Top background image (Mini Mill)
• Electrical discharge machines (EDM)
Bottom background image (Form 20)

• Compression and transfer molding
• Injection molding
• Insert molding
Metallic terminals can be embedded in the plastic during molding or inserted after molding

A variety of:
• Production sizes
Ranging from short runs to millions of pieces
• Secondary operations
Drill holes, cut cases to height, etc.

Catalog EC2 - Encapsulating Cases
View plain cases online
Single 3D view + tabulations all dimensions included
View other cases online
Single 3D view + pdf all dimensions included
Request printed copy
All dimensions included

Catalog TM2 - Toroid Mounts and more
View parts online
Multiple 3D views + basic dimensions only
Request printed copy
All dimensions included

DAP data sheets
Cosmic Plastics

PPS data sheets
Ryton R-4
Chevron Phillips
Supec G401
GE Plastics

Miscellaneous notes
• Terminals
Can be supplied either lead-free (pure tinning) or with tin/lead plating
• Unless otherwise specified
All drawings are made to scale and all dimensions are in inches